History of

Monfer Spa

The Company was established in 1970 by founders Giorgio Mondino and Serafino Ferruzzi, as a direct derivation of a previous activity started in early ‘40s. For decades Monfer S.p.A. was one of the main players in cereal sector on both national and international area, growing constantly to become a leader on european scale. It built and incorporated several inland and port storage facilities, and it implemented a consistent wagons and containers fleet for cereal trasport, to stock and distribute products all over the major consumption areas, also opening a branch in France to directly brake into new Europen markets.

Later,   the trading activity and the wagons and container fleet were divested, while Monfer S.p.A. became a logistics services activity.

Monfer today and tomorrow

Nowadays Monfer S.p.A. owns 9 plants for the unloading and delivery of cereal products: 8 of them are located in Northern Italy’s main areas of commercial interest, and 1 is a Port Terminal in Savona. The headquarter is located in Cuneo, where the whole company is managed.